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San Tropez lyrics


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     San Tropez
    >> Pink Floyd
        As I reach for a peach
    Slide a rind down behind
    The sofa in San Tropez.
    Breakin' a stick
    with a brick on the sand.
    Ridin' a wave
    In the wake of an old sedan.
    Sleepin' alone in the
    Drone of the darkness,
    Scratched by the sand that
    Fell from my love,
    Deep in my dreams and I
    Still hear her callin'
    "If you're alone,
    I'll come home."
    Backward and homebound,
    The pigeon, the dove,
    Gone with the wind
    And the rain, on an airplane.
    Owning a home
    With no silver spoon,
    I'm drinking champagne
    Like a good tycoon.
    Sooner than wait for
    A break in the weather,
    I'll gather my far-flung
    Thoughts together.
    Speeding away
    On the wind to a new day.
    And if you're alone
    I'll come home.
    And I pause for a while
    By a country style
    And listen to the things they say.
    Diggin' for gold
    With a hoe in my hand.
    Open a book
    Take a look at the way things stand.
    And you're leading me down
    To the place by the sea.
    I hear your soft voice
    Calling to me.
    Making a date for
    Later by phone
    And if you're alone
    I'll come home.
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